Working with local people and communities is the essence of his work. This creates an air of optimism in the age of anxiety. If we lose hope, we simply will not survive. At IFAW, our mission is to inspire hope. “In our work, we know that people all over the world have different points of view and come up with different solutions. And we also know that this work will lead us all to create a healthier, more sustainable and just world. So let’s work together. Saving individual animals at a time also creates momentum that can be the salvation of humanity. “Humans make up less than 1 percent of life on Earth, but we’ve destroyed 83 percent of all wild animals and plants on the planet,” explains Douse. “Still, we are hopeful. Every species and every habitat has the potential to recover, and every person, everywhere, has the opportunity to act. The future depends on what we do now.

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